July 16th Meet & Greet Event targeted towards the young attended by almost 1000 Indian Americans in support of Resolution to cut-off Foreign Aid to Pakistan
NIAC organized this Meet & Greet event on July 16th 2011 in Chicago suburbs which was attended by almost a 1000 Indian Americans. Gov. Haley came back to chicago to thank her supporters and also to encourage young Indian Americans to get involved. The event was graced by US congressmen as well as congressional leadership. This event galvanized further support for HR 3013 bill in congress to cut-off Foreign Aid to Pakistan.

Congressional Petition Drive in support of cutting Foreign Aid to Pakistan

We would like to take you back to 11/26, 2008. 8 young Pakistani men in their early 20's sneak into Mumbai. Two of them go to Victoria Train Station, and shoot at random at the passengers waiting to board their trains, men, women and children, killing 52. A five year little boy who saw both his parents gunned down with blood all over the floor, later asks: "what wrong did I do for them to kill my mother and father?" These eight men terrorized the city for three days, particularly searching for Indians with American passports, to slit their throats. After killing hundreds of Indians, they sent a message to the Indian nation: "Ye To trailer hai, Film agey Chalegi", this is just a trailer, the real film will come later!!

We are sure most of you remember the Mumbai terror attack, but what you may not know is who paid for the machine guns and the bullets that killed so many of the innocent civilians from our homeland. It is you, the American tax-payer. Last week right here in Chicago, the US Justice department presented a case to the Jury with David Headley as its star witness who testified that he, as one of the planners of Mumbai terror, was trained by Paksitan's military spy agency, ISI. Since 2001, we gave almost 30 billion dollars to Pakistan in aid, most of which goes to fund operations like the Mumbai terror, or to hide Osama Bin Laden for five years, 38 miles from their capital city, or to protect Mohammad Kashmiri, master mind of the Mumbai terror, or to fund the Haqqani network in Waziristan who shoots at our soldiers every day!!

It is time for Americans to Review US Pakistan Policy and for Indian Americans to show them the Light of Truth!

Our country has 14 Trillion dollars in debt and increasing by 1.5 Trillion per year. 47 Cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed money. For the last three years, we have been in the worst recession since the great depression and our recovery is anemic at best. According to the Congressional Research Service Report , the war on terror in Afghanistan since 9/11 has cost us $ 489.5 billion. These are just direct costs of hardware and military payroll. Overall the war on terror has cost us over one trillion dollars, not to mention the Bloomberg report that pegs it at $2.5 Trillion.

On UBL's hide out in Pakistan, Leon Panetta, CIA Director, said the following to a closed door session of the House: "Pakistan was either involved or incompetent". It would be the equivalent of John Dillinger living in a mansion right next to the FBI Hoover building and FBI not know about it.

Congressman Dana Dohrabacher (R-CA): "There are a lot of people who have understood that there has been something fundamentally wrong in our relationship with Pakistan, we keep on giving them billions of dollars in aid trusting them and we get kicked in the teeth time and time again and pretending that it is not happening".

Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX): "It seems like Pakistan might be playing both sides, and they have a lot of explaining to do", noting that bin Laden was found "in a million-dollar compound just yards away from a Pakistani military base." "Pakistan claims no knowledge of Osama bin Laden's whereabouts," Poe noted. "I just don't buy it."

Whereas some legislators, have called for cutting foreign aid to Pakistan, the old guard, both Democrat and Republican, with a behind the scenes immense lobbying effort by Pakistan, is hesitating in taking any serious action to safeguard the interests of American public.

It is high time that Indian Americans in the US band together to have their voices heard in Congress. As a starter, we should demand that Pakistan turn over #2 Al Qaeda leader Al-Zawahiri, Taliban Head Mulla Omar, over to the US, and stop supporting the Haqqanis, if Pakistan was to ever get another dime from us.

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